Introducing Our Digital Spoon Scale - Your Ultimate Tool for Precision Heating!

Measuring Spoon Food Scale Digital Multi-Function with Accurate LCD Display for Dispensing Coffee Beans, Milk, Flour,Condiment

High-Precision Electronic Measuring Spoon scale is equipped with precise sensor and LCD display, the division value is 0.1g.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to GET Measuring Spoon Food Scale Digital Multi-Function with Accurate LCD Display for Dispensing Coffee Beans, Milk, Flour,Condiment


The below features spell the benefits you get to enjoy upon purchasing this  Measuring Spoon Food Scale

High Quality Material

These Digital measuring spoons have good material and beautiful appearance, they are made of stainless steel + ABS eco-friendly plastic. The peel function allows you to subtract the weight of your container and helps you get accurate food and ingredient readings.

Wide Use & Spoon Scale

The simple and stylish digital spoon scale is equipped. It is perfect for weighing butter, flour, cream, tea, condiments, etc. while cooking or baking, making it perfect for kitchen and everyday home use. It can also be used in coffee beans and cat food.

Quick Read & Easy To Use

Instant weight reading with our electronic measuring spoons, press the "TARE" button to power on, press the "HOLD" button to lock/unlock the data,Press "Mode" button, you can be in g/oz/c/gn, the conversion between the four measurement units can help you measure different types of ingredients and food.

Easy To Clean And Store

 The spoon scale head hanging hole is designed for easy access,You can hang the digital measuring spoon on the wall of the kitchen by hook up. After use, take out the spoon and clean it, taking care not to splash water inside the electronic scale.

Elevate your cooking and baking to a whole new level of precision! Look no further as we Introduce the Digital Spoon Scale - the must-have kitchen gadget for every culinary enthusiast

Order Now and Experience Precision in Every Scoop!

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The Digital Spoon Scale  is now available at a discount price 180GHC of instead of 390GHC 

Digital Spoon Scale



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