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Electric Cooker, Household Electric Hot Pot, Barbecue, Pan-frying Pan

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 More Taste Multifunctional Cooker ,Air fry, grill ,skillet ,stewer pot, deep fry in one machine (5, Stainless Steel)

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Taste air fryer, pot with grill combo can air fry, deep fry, grill, Korean BBQ, boil soup, Steam,stew, stir fry. Suit for veggies, chips, onion rings, eggs, pizza, bread, burgers,fish, chicken, sausages, crispy bacon, steak and more!

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Easy Operation Fast Heating Food Faterials  Digital screen to show temperature and time. Just rotate the knob to choose the mode ,temperature and time you need. The uniquely engineered motor fan and heater deliver powerful cyclonic airflow and high heat to perfectly cook or char grill your food.

Ideal Choice  Tempered glass lid visual, easy to control the temperature according to the cooking needs and keep everything inside for reduced spilling and splatters. No more worries about the mess that can be caused while cooking in the kitchen! making it the ideal choice for both seasoned and novice chefs that want to make delicious and healthy meals.

Easy to Clean  Removable nonstick raised grills surface allows excess fat to drip away for healthy and delicious dishes. Removable nonstick surface of pot, baking pan, lid, drip tray, grills&basket allows for smoother cooking and for easy, dishwasher safe cleaning. Great housewarming gift for your wife, mother, family or friends.

Healthy Diet Food  Synchronized cooking for different food. You can make salad while roasting chicken, cook soup while grilling steak, or Soba, pasta, hot pot, steamed potatoes, baked bread while grilling vegetables and meat and so on. Enjoy making and eating fitness weight loss healthy foods like Sweetgreen at home.

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